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NO.18 Donghai Road,Haian Development Zone,Jiangsu.
¡¡¡¡We have got the updated ISO9001:2008 certification , valid date from June 19th,2 hits£º263
2016-7-5 10:08:08
¡¡¡¡Product: HTTP iron base plate hits£º222
2015-10-12 10:06:03
¡¡¡¡we have been supplying Ne1 Clips for U.S heavy load railway hits£º249
2015-5-8 9:59:32
¡¡¡¡we successfully passed supervision and audit of CRCC in 2015 hits£º386
2015-5-8 9:16:01
¡¡¡¡customers from German visited our company hits£º194
2015-3-25 8:57:54
¡¡¡¡new test report of baffle block type¢ñand¢ò hits£º119
2015-3-3 9:05:52
¡¡¡¡test report for rubber pads (type 50 and 60) hits£º260
2014-12-20 9:10:11
¡¡¡¡Test report of clip,type¢ñ hits£º177
2014-12-20 9:09:17
¡¡¡¡Test report of clip type¢ò hits£º111
2014-12-20 9:08:03
¡¡¡¡Test report of clip type ¢ó hits£º104
2014-12-20 9:07:22
¡¡¡¡Group successfully passed the CRCC second surveillance audit hits£º886
2014-4-29 9:23:03
¡¡¡¡Zambia Railways line to visit hits£º1049
2014-3-11 13:11:12
¡¡¡¡2011.21 we win the bidding of new construction Tianjin to Yujiabao engineering hits£º1469
2011-6-8 8:04:35
¡¡¡¡2011.1.21 we win the bidding of China Railway 1 Bureau Beijing Subway ten line hits£º1388
2011-5-6 12:03:04
¡¡¡¡Company news hits£º1334
2011-5-6 12:02:09

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